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Gay Jester: April Fools!

This cold-hardy sempervivum is called the Gay Jester. Seriously. For an even sexier jester click here and for a real gay clown, here.

Green Man cumming: Spring Equinox Cali Yaoi Bara Manga from JoJo Mendoco

Shooting shoots and flowers. Summer, Fall, Winter to cum. Rinse; repeat. We go Pop! More JoJo Mendoco here.

The REAL Bug Juice Tea…

Apparently Starbucks is using some kind of insect-derived food additive in their coffee beverages, prompting bug juice trending on the social ‘net. That’s nothing, and we aren’t dignifying it with a link. The real story is in the brown paper bags this site’s own Aidan Abroad brings back from his Chinese Dr. Johnson You. Cicada exoskeleton tea: good for what ails you! Dr. You practices in San Francisco and maintains an office on Clement St.

Picnic Pig: Oink.

Mmm…picnic pig. Rolls off the tongue. Sight seen outdoors at The Chief, a NorCal BBQ joint on the US 101. Oink! For tasty (human) breakfast bears, click here.

Sexy Gay Tabletop Still Life

A succulent, a cicada, a couple of heirloom tomato plants in yogurt containers, Titan Men’s 2012 Calendar: what happened to be on the rural gay kitchen table this morning. iPhone photo: GH

California Rock Ant

The California Rock Ant has its origins in the low desert around Palm Springs, but it has been sighted as far north as Mendocino County. Normally a docile species, it can be a bit jumpy around strangers, and is not a suggested pet for those who currently reside in glass houses.

Cannabis Soup Street Art

More unstoppable than ever!

Phabulous Phallic Bell Peppers look a lot like thick uncut Cocks!

Sent to us by C. Jacob Hale, who says he got it from Mendusa Love Forbid. The photo itself is by Shane Ruff. Jake adds: “Makes this boy’s mouth water!”

When a Cigar Tube is a Seed Container…

Freud quipped that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but of course he knew better. Last year’s seeds are now in a tube from last year’s smoke. This summer, they’ll be this summer’s sunflowers. Next winter, last year’s seed again…and so it flows.

Phallic Fruit

Ah, the sweet taste of phallic fruit… It’s amazing what 20 cents will buy you these days. I discovered an unusually-shaped persimmon at the farmers’ market in San Francisco, and I thought the readers of the Gay Highwaymen might appreciate this unique fruit. Nutritious and delicious.